After packing, Bhutan

If you have found yourself on this page, you are probably one of my loved ones who wishes to keep track of me while I am in Bhutan. If you have just wandered in, I am moving to Bhutan in a few months to work as a landscape architect for the government. That’s the short story, and I intend to document the longer one here. I imagine the blog will be pretty quiet as all the gazillions of things I have to do to get ready are happening, and until I figure out internet access there.  While you are waiting, sign yourself up for email notifications off to the right of this, and when I post something you will be notified by email.


1 thought on “After packing, Bhutan

  1. Awesome !
    Had a chance to visit three weeks there in 98
    Still have afew contacts friends there
    Looking forward to hearing of your endeavor

    Leslie and i wish you the Best

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