It’s the small things

I was asked today if I was scared about the move. No, I’m not actually. But, I’m worrying about the small things, like what I am going to wear to work. If I wear the national dress, the kira, as I’ve been advised, I will be challenged on multiple fronts. One, I will have to take more than my usual five minutes to dress (ten minutes on an ironing day, twenty for a date.) Two, I might have to wear bright colors. Three, I might have to wear all of those colors at once. Four, I might have to wear multiple patterns all at once. Five, how will I stay out of the mud? Six, running? It doesn’t look possible. Seven, wait, is this a dress? And finally, eight, seriously, putting the kira on looks way beyond my coordination capacities. Check out these photos (click next to see the assembly sequence.) Somehow, I don’t think the government is going to send over a dressing aide each day. I’ll have to take dressing lessons.

So, I’ve those challenges to weigh against the strict Drukair suitcase weight limit. Do I waste my precious kilos on work clothes because I am worrying about my aesthetic limitations? Or, save some of those kilos for my camera, chocolate, hiking boots . . . and express my inner color-pattern maven? And I do like the idea of having a blouse covered in dragons.

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2 thoughts on “It’s the small things

  1. Too Funny! That outfit probably explains why there aren’t more Bhutanese woman in the trades. Perhaps you could wear the colorful belt looped around your jeans while working? The hiking boots worn with the Kira might just make you a trendsetter. Indeed, the fabrics themselves are fabulous, I would just use them in quite different ways… and not all at once. Definetly bring the chocolate to fight those darned dragons. =)

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