2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jen, I look forward to following your blog. After meeting one Bhutanese landscape architect in Scotland a few years back he spoke about the concept of national happiness! Annaliese

  2. Hi Jennifer, I think you e-mail list may have been hacked. I rec’d an e-mail from you on April 5th. No message, just a link, which didn’t work. I replied to you but didn’t hear back. PK told me
    that that was one of the signs. FYI. So, hello! I just returned from a very silent 7day vipassana retreat at Spirit Rock and was amused by the story of your Indian retreat. We are planning to go to Bhutan this Nov. Would you be willing to offer advice on accommodations, etc.? Will you still be there? You sound very happy. I’m glad for you. Our garden is beginning to flower and fill in under the snowing cherry blossoms and the dogwoods are in their Easter glory. Metta, mac

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