Jewels in the Sky: Rhododendron arboreum

While you wait for all the other blogs currently lurking here or in my mind in draft form, I offer a few photos from a today’s hike just outside Thimphu, Bhutan.

I’ve never been much of a rhododendron fan. Certainly I haven’t been a fan of red ones, which always seemed garish in their usual place as foundation plantings. Red rhododendrons make much more sense in their native habitat. The giant flower clusters seem much smaller at the top of trees, and the red glows against all the forest green. The display of the Rhododendron arboreum has only just begun, and there are 48 other species of rhododendron that haven’t yet begun blooming.

The creek was very pretty, lined with the rhodies, daphne, conifers and bamboo. Fortunately someone had hacked the bamboo back along the path so we could get through. When the path disappeared, we went along a bit further, but turned around when we came to an animal lair under an overhanging rock face. Suddenly Bhutan’s lions (leopards), tigers, and bears became very real. Who knows if our feeling of being watched was paranoia at this point, or real. A few photos:


5 thoughts on “Jewels in the Sky: Rhododendron arboreum

  1. WOW!! hey there, dear jennifer. so beautiful! thanks for the very sweet pictures. I am moved.
    I am also looking forward to see you, hopefully at our june retreat (?). I miss you.
    much love to you in your continuing explorations!

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